About Us

With 25 years in oilfield services, iTankData is proud to be your single source partner for remote tank gauging technology and well site data.  Serving operators with daily needs in the oilfield, along with current information technology allows us to identified an operator's cost and time lag issues.  Attaining accurate, timely tank volume information allows iTankData to be born out of this industry experience.  Using the finest field-tested tank volume assessment technology coupled with state-of-the-art online reporting empowers operators with accurate, timely information.  We’re not simply a IT resource, we are lifelong oil and gas industry service providers. This gives us first hand knowledge of the wealth of benefits the devices and reporting service provides.

Whether you’re a large operation with hundreds of tanks, or an independent operator with a handful,  talk to the knowledgeable staff at iTankData, and let us create a solution to fit your needs.